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Indian Cricket Academy goal is to promote and facilitate cricket talent in India and make them competent to play at the highest level. There are various benefits to strive for this cause as Indian Cricket is by far the most financially viable industry in the world. Some of the other benefits are:

More Job Creation for cricketers.
More opportunities for cricketers.
A stabilize platform nation wide for up and coming cricketers to showcase their talents & not to mention the extra exposure of our firms that exist in India through ICA..
In order to promote a cause of providing more opportunities for Indian Cricketers and reap the benefits of the cricket industry by taking advantage of the low cost investment with Indian Cricket Academy which will bring high returns and to flourish a standardize platform for youth cricket in India; we welcome cricket associations, corporations, institutions, research centers, magazines, publications and individuals, national and multi-national companies to join in as "our Support Sponsor" member.

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