Welcome to the Official site of Indian Cricket Academy. ICA has been formed with a vision to pioneer the growth of young cricketing talent from the grassroot levels of India. Cricket has always been a popular sport in India; every young kid aspires to become a cricket legend like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev and many others. But not all are lucky enough to display their talent and play for the country. Cricketing Talent is ample in our country but organized cricket tournaments at a basic and smaller level are very few in India.


To provide an uniform platform for the aspiring cricketers in India to reach their dreams to play for the nation.


To groom cricket talent from the grass root levels of India and to make them competent to play for the nation.
Indian Cricket Academy is more than an Academy :
It is an Opportunity for cricketers of all ages to live out their passion for the sport of cricket.
An opportunity for aspiring cricketers to groom their skills & showcase their talents on a national level.
An opportunity for young professionals to fill up more corporate jobs in the cricket world.
An opportunity for cricketers of all ages to follow their passion for cricket. Indian Cricket academy aims to provide careers to professionals who are passionate about cricket. While Building young talent around the nation, broadcasting our belief that India has a competitive advantage over the world as far as huge talent is concerned.

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