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Greetings! From The CEO’s Desk,

Any cricketer that has played any level of cricket in India is a true athlete of the world. Cricket to them is a religion & they themselves carry attributes such as devotion, integrity, team work, strategy, hard work, dedication thru practice, confidence, collaboration & creativity. Cricketers of India are not just players & cricket enthusiast but more so leaders in their schools & communities! Indian Cricket Academy thus is the biggest supporting entity in upbringing and highlighting talent into the mainstream.
Cricket being the the 2nd biggest sport being played in almost 125 countries and yet still lacks a standard system where true players can climb his or her way up a professional development ladder in most countries. ICA’s game plan for the rhetoric of our cricket players or teammates of our nation, as I like to call them, is to solely “Open The Door!”
Opening the door for players across tier 1, tier 2 & deep down in the tier 3 cities by conducting Talent Hunt Camps and then evaluating aspiring cricketers of the future thru their cricket aptitude as well as on their ground performances with a unique and a standardized procedure which cannot be denied by the mainstream cricket of India.
Thus, the direction of ICA & the sport of cricket in our nation is set by its creators; the evolving talent in India. Competition is the DNA of India’s up & coming cricket talent and we are the platform in which the DNA is visible in flesh & bones. Therefore, it is our obligation to be responsible and maintain sustainability. I take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support in our holistic approach and assure you that we shall never get off the road of our mission, which is to be the best at finding & upbringing the best future cricket players of India, is the main focus on I.C.A
Sincerely Thanking You,

Mr. Gulshan Anand
Chief Executive Officer

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